Applied Engineering & Technology

…where science and engineering converge … a reimagined convergence existence

At NVIT school of Applied Engineering & Technology , we are reimagining an existence through the integration of computer science, engineering, and human workers becoming a more flexible enterprise operating as a seamless agile combination.

Our application-centric pedagogy, project-based approach, and design-driven curriculum are designed to provide NVITers with the ability to solve complex problems, design and innovation, and lifelong learning.  The 2 years program resulting in Associate degree or Certificate in

  1. Applied Aerospace Engineering
  2. Applied Drone Engineering
  3. Applied Advanced Robotics Engineering
  4. Applied Computer Engineering
  5. Applied Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering
  6. Applied Biomedical Innovation Engineering
  7. Applied Welding Engineering
  8. Applied Alternative Energy Engineering
  9. Manufacturing Systems and 3D Printing Engineering
  10. Applied Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Engineering
  11. Applied Automation Engineering