Applied Computing & Emerging Technologies

At CIET, we define our work as “discovering technologies to meet critical needs”, we achieve this by demonstrating, identifying, extending, and employing new technologies to challenge critical needs. Resulting in Associate degree or certificate in

  1. Applied Artificial Intelligence & machine learning
  2. Applied Internet of Things (IoT) & Edge computing
  3. Applied Cloud  computing
  4. Applied Blockchain
  5. Applied Virtual and augmented reality
  6. Applied Quantum computing
  7. Applied Data Engineering &  Big Data  Analystic. 
  8. Applied Embedded Systems Development
  9. Applied Software Development 
  10. Applied UI/UX Design Engineering
  11. Applied Game Design and Development
  12. Applied Information Assurance and Cybersecurity
  13. Applied Web Design & Interactive Media
  14. Applied Mobile Design & Interactive Media
  15. Applied DevOps Engineering Technology
  16. Applied Computer Programming & Frameworks Engineering
  17. Applied Full Stack Development Engineering
  18. Applied Mobile Applications Development
  19. Applied Web Application Development
  20. Applied BI and Visualization