Applied Space Education

The core of the curriculum is centered around satellite building. A full-length course on satellites and a participatory Workshop. Both focus on building a satellite from a kit and on app and experiment development for hands-on STEM learning. The other courses will include a course on Rockets and Spaceflight; Programming for Space Applications; and Modern Aerospace Manufacturing using composites, 3D Printing, and other current methods for building spacecraft and launch vehicles 2 years program resulting in an Associate degree or Diploma in Applied Aerospace Engineering

The program consists of four core academic courses and hands-on satellite construction and design workshop/lab.
We are committed to creating a world-class student experience that will equip the participants to design, build, program, test, and launch satellites in the new spacecraft size classes of picosats and nanosats. This is the fastest-growing sector of the global aerospace industry.

The courses include the following:

• The Small-Satellite Revolution
• Programming Essentials for Satellite Developers
• The New Commercial Space Industry: Rocket History, Design, and Applications
• Modern Aerospace Manufacturing Methods: Composites, 3-D Printing, and Robotics
• Satellite Boot Camp: A Hands-on CubeSat Building Experience and STEM Workshop

(This course will result in an industry-recognized Certificate in Nanosatellite Engineering for the participants)
The core of the curriculum is centered around building real, functioning, space-ready satellites.
The program consists of one full-length course on small spacecraft (CubeSats, TubeSats, etc.) and one participatory Workshop/Lab (which is offered as a continuing Lab as course I, II, III, IV, etc. throughout a student’s academic career during which several satellites could be built. Both courses focus on various aspects of making a satellite from a kit and on applications and experiment development for hands-on STEM learning. In fact, all space-related courses will be geared to foster a ‘Maker’ mindset for the participants. A short version of this course will be repeated numerous times during the year and serve as an introduction to the exciting world of space experimentation and STEM thinking. In addition to basic General Education courses to be specified by the Institute, these four courses plus the extended workshop is the core of a 2-year curriculum that would result in an Associate in Science (AS) Degree in Applied Aerospace Engineering, plus the Certificate in Nanosatellite Engineering. The certificate is proof of completion of an expert-level satellite engineering course—much like achieving certification as an expert in SolidWorks, or as a technician for any specific skill that would be learned through a specialized hands-on training course. This Certification in Nanosatellite Engineering would be a valuable internationally recognized professional credential and impressive addition to the student’s curriculum goal of attaining the AS in Applied Aerospace Engineering degree. The certification would be granted after the completion of the two satellite courses: the Workshop/Lab and the Small Satellite Revolution. The Associate in Science (AS) Degree in Applied Aerospace Engineering would only be awarded after the completion of the General academic courses and all the five core Aerospace Engineering courses.
We look forward to having you in this dynamic training program and engaging in further academic and scientific collaboration between you and the New Vision Institute of Technology!