Our partners support our Scholars by providing valuable operating revenue through

grants, sponsorships, and event participation. Corporate partners also serve as a

resource through various volunteer opportunities (i.e. networking nights, speaker series,

and corporate visits). We will work with you to develop an annual corporate partnership that aligns with your corporate responsibility vision and mission.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, delivers STEM assured accreditation, offers innovation

and new and emerging technology areas, encourages multidisciplinary collaboration, and conducts action research to enable knowledge and technology exchange. Thus, underpinning economic development and strengthening students’ progression and employability


a.         Applied Courses

b.         Skill assessments

c.          Labs 

d.         Hands-on learning

e.         Capstone projects & Certification prep

f.          Certification 

g.         Team efficiency and live projects

h.         Job placement onsite or remote


1.         Software development

2.         Hardware development

3.         Manufacturing

4.         IT ops/DevOps and Automation

5.         Info & cyber security

6.         Cloud computing

7.         Machine learning / AI

8.         Data professional

9.         Electronic & Electrical,

10.       Robotics, IoT, Drone & Automation

11.       Aerospace – building a satellite and Rockets and Spaceflight; Programming for Space

Applications: and Modern Aerospace Manufacturing using composites, 3D Printing, and other current methods for building spacecraft and launch vehicles.

NVIIT education requires not just the depth of a major, but also considerable breadth in basic science, humanities, and social science. NVIT’s core curriculum prepares students for the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary research in science and technology. This encourages a culture of problem-solving, collaboration, and communication while providing valuable experience in all fields of science.

What a Techer Learns

As prospective students are considering their undergraduate career paths, it is important to know more deeply the role that NVIT’s Core Curriculum will play in your intellectual engagement and development.